Your and your children's story is so important. Parents and grandparents all over the world, always say with melancholy, “Cherish the time you have with your children, because you never have enough of it, and that time flies.” Though it really doesn’t feel like it at the time, when those moments are over, you realize just how true that saying is.
We at Chapters From Childhood are parents ourselves and know how truly special the time we have with our kids is. Though moments are fleeting, memories are not. CFC's highest goal is to take #thebeautyofthereal and capture it, not for Facebook and Insta, or for follows and likes, but for you and your children to treasure for all time. So that they have a visual record of their time spent with you. And your time, spent with them. Not only do we urge you to see the great importance of pictures that go beyond the phone, but that there be a written account of the best stories of your lives. For this reason, don’t just take home photos, write a few stories with us every season.
That way, we can put both the photos and the “The Stories Of Us,” into a magazine called Seasons From Our Childhood. Because for as long as you call us your go to Documentary Family Photography Studio, you will get a new magazine fully loaded with photos, and as many stories as you like, every season of their lives.
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