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Do you ever stop to look into the mirror of your past, the hall of your present, or the window to your future? Do you love the moments you are going through today, do you remember the moments you had two years ago? Do you think about how you will look back on your todays and tomorrows a decade or two down the line?

Another photographer said “memories lose shape so quickly.” So true! There are things we did last week, we can barely remember! Am I wrong? If we see memories as shapes that lose their form, then surely it’s because they deflate like pool floaties which the sun beats down on. My fiancé reminded me that the park which I had been taking our son to was the same one her friend invited us to two years ago for a birthday part. I swore she was wrong. Then I started to realize it was true little by little and then it dawned on me, she was right! If this is just one memory that I lost, I have to imagine how many more there are that I don’t remember, that I don’t remember.

Do you look to the future or your children's futures, by planning for it now? By writing in a journal? By taking photos on your phone and posting them? By hiring a photographer to capture you and them and their milestones on the road of life? What will you do to remember your present? I see my purpose to be building a legacy of photo magazines of your children and your story. A photo memoir with videos and audio and recipes and your child’s meaningful artwork, poems and class assignments. 

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