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Chapters From Childhood

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Our Philosophy

Erik Stouffer

The art project afternoons,
the well-earned
Netflix nights.

Season by season the magazines will become a treasure trove of little snippets from their lives that preserve precious moments.

Memories f  a  d  e .  .  . 
and  f               


The cartoon mornings,
the coffee and cheerios breakfasts,

The midday laughter,
the run-down, pre-nap tantrums...

Even though they say a picture says a thousand words, they also say a story is worth a thousand pictures. Chapters From Childhood, doesn't only give you photos in the magazines we make for you. We help you encourage you to write Articles that tell your family's story in an even richer way. And lastly, each magazine comes with at least one of your children's pieces of art or school assignments. 

Chapters From Childhood is all about 

Real people, living real moments: small ones, that speak volumes and are heartfelt. 

We are a family photography studio that strips away the outfits, the poses, the flash *exploding* in your little one's face, and the time commitments, and give you an ~ahh~ easy experience, and real photos.

Instead we simply hang out with you as you go about a normal day. We get to know you and your children, and experience your world.

In return you get a magazine of your life as it is right now, with all

Reach out to me and let's chat! I may even send you a few select spreads from the magazine I made for The Baker Family!