Chapters From Childhood

Head Photographer

Our Philosophy

Chapters From Childhood is a family photography studio that does something unique. We strip away the outfits, the poses, the flash exploding in your little one's face, and the time commitments, and give you an easy experience, and real photos.

I tell your family, your and your partner's story.

I do this by spending between 3 hours and 5 hours out of your day. I get to know your children, and experience your world.

In return you get a magazine of your life as it is right now. the pajama mornings, the coffee and cheerios breakfasts, the midday laughter, the run-down pre-nap tantrums, the art project afternoons, and Netflix nights. Season by season this magazine will become an archive of little snippets from your life that preserve moments. Memories fade and fail us. Though a picture is worth a thousand words they also say a story is worth a thousand pictures. CFC doesn't only give you a magazine of photos. We help you write the "magazine articles" that tell your family's story in an even richer way.  

Erik Stouffer